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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thoughts I have been mulling over aka I don't have the answers

A friend once said to me
"I have to do what is best for me"

I have thought a great deal about that statement
it has made me question....
Should that always be the case?
Do we always have to do "what is best for us?"
Are there ever instances where what is really
for the best is not the thing that would benefit you
but instead the thing that actually may hurt you?

I have learned that real friends are a gift
you can't take them for granted
they are true friends
Then there are those
that really just want

they NEED to be
Does Middle school ever really end?

What does it really mean when someone claims to
"take no sh*t"?

Is it something to admire in someone
or is it just an excuse
for not owning your sh@t?
I know someone who describes themselves
taking no sh*t
and this person is actually pretty weak..
Do people think strong words
make them strong?

Is the past something you can keep using
as an excuse for things you do in the present?

When has enough time gone by
where you should stop depending on past
sadness, hurt or anger
to get GET you something in the present?

Is it possible that the seemingly sweetest person
is not authentic...
but the bastard is?
Is authenticity another word for honesty?
Could it be
when it really matters
the bastard will have your back...
while the sweetest will turn away?

Is love real
when the person who states it
ends up hurting you the most?

maybe it is "real" love
love for self
and not love for another...
are there people who are incapable
selfless love?

Do people who make up their own history
so obviously misinterpreted
so sadly filled with lies...

do they ever look in the mirror
and see their true self?
and if they do...
do they care?

Does my fear
both rational and irrational 

hold me back
keep me safe?
in the end
does it matter?